Neighborhood Watch is a community program. Citizens in any neighborhood can form a Neighborhood Watch Group. The group of neighbors will organize to share information about crime, suspicious people or suspicious activities in their neighborhood. Regular meetings can be scheduled to disseminate this information. Usually a leader of the group is chosen to organize the meeting and help find a suitable location to meet. These locations can include private residences, churches, community buildings, etc.

       The Mt. Vernon Police Department supports Neighborhood Watch and an officer or officers will attend meetings to collect information about any suspicious circumstances in the neighborhood. The officer will also listen to any other legal concerns of the citizens in the particular neighborhood.
        Neighborhood Watch groups are important to our community. There are many more citizens than officers.  An officer can not be in every neighborhood at all times. The watch group can provide “eyes” when the police can’t. The people of the specific neighborhoods know more about what activities are irregular and what activities are not. 
        Many crimes have been solved by information provided by Neighborhood Watch groups. Neighborhood Watch groups allow the police department to be better connected to the community. 
         Once your group has formed, information will be provided on how to obtain official Neighborhood Watch signs to be placed in your neighborhood.   
         For more detailed information or to start a Neighborhood Watch group please contact the Mt. Vernon Police Department.
         Working together, we can make a difference.

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