In the summer of 2002, after having explored the possibility, Chief Mendenall created the position of School Resource Officer. This position is to be held by a veteran officer.  It places the officer directly in the school even though the officer works for the police.  The officer essentially becomes part of the staff for the school district.  The first school district to have a fulltime SRO from the department was Mt. Vernon Township High School.

This is a national accepted program and it provides a variety of services. 

The uniformed officer on the campus acts as a deterrent to possible criminal activity at the school.

The officer is a classroom resource for instruction in various law-related areas.

As a member of the staff the officer works hand in hand with the school to solve any problems that may arise.

The officer also serves as a resource to the teachers, parents, and students for conferences on an individual basis.

They can even deal with individual problems students may have.

This position is intended to break down the barriers between law enforcement and students.

The SRO program fits very well in the community oriented policing model.

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