McGruff is a curriculum-based program that is taught to second grade students in our community.  The program offers safety tips and information to protect children.  The McGruff costume is used in the at the end of the lessons.  It serves as a tool used during review to drive home the safety concept.

McGruff facts:

There are 4,000 active McGruffs (number of costumes in use).

McGruff has a classy Corvette, a monster truck in Arizona, and a wiener wagon in Florida. But most of all, he likes to ride in patrol cars assisting law enforcement.

McGruff’s favorite crime-fighting techniques are to teach children specific tips to be safe at home and school and to help law enforcement officers do their jobs better.

McGruff is a “ham,” so he loves doing public service announcements for television and radio or posing for print or billboard advertising.

In 1984, the U.S. Postal Service released a first-class postage stamp bearing McGruff’s likeness.

In 2005, McGruff turned 25 years young. He had birthday parties all around the country, making appearances at health and safety fairs and other media events and showing off his 32-foot-tall balloon at county and state fairs. He has blown out birthday candles on countless cakes. He has made the most of these opportunities to spread the word about preventing crime

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