The Mt. Vernon Police Department Detective Division consists of three Divisions of Investigations and two Secretaries:

General Criminal Division
Juvenile Division  
Narcotics Division

The General Criminal Division offers investigations in all types of crimes and has Detectives trained in Crime Scene Investigations, Financial Crimes Investigations, Crimes against the Elderly, Homicide Investigations, Sex Crimes, Domestic Violence and Cyber (computer) Crimes. The General Criminal Division consists of a Detective Captian, Detective Sergeant, one Detective Corporal and Detectives.

The Juvenile Division specializes in handling crimes committed by or committed against persons under the age of 17. Juveniles are handled in other ways through the court system and in criminal matters. One Detective is assigned full time as the Juvenile Detective.

The Narcotics Division offers investigations into drug and weapons related crimes throughout Jefferson County and oversees prosecutions at both the State and Federal level. The Narcotics Division consists of a Detective Captain one Mt. Vernon Detective and one Jefferson County Sheriffs Office Detective.

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