In keeping with the Mt. Vernon Police Department Community Oriented Policing philosophy, the Bicycle Patrol Unit was instituted in May of 2000. Community policing encourages the police to interact with citizens, to build rapport and working partnerships to combat crime, solve neighborhood and community problems thus improving the quality of life by providing a safer community to live in. The bicylce partol will be an integral part of this effort.

The unit consists of minimum two fully equipped police bicycles patrolling the City of Mt. Vernon. The unit currently has the availability of four officers. Officers are required to pass a 40 hour training course approved by the Illinois Police Mountain Bike Association. (IPMBA) This program will expand in the future.

Bicycle patrol officers make contact with citizens without the barrier of a squad car and make the officers more approachable. The officers will also conduct bicycle safety programs in area schools to promote bicycle safety.

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